Born in Connemara I grew up fly-fishing the local salmon rivers with my father from the age of ten. Over the years I diversified to many different methods and species, between living in different places and a desire to expand on fishing opportunities. I’ve fished many different places around the world, both guided and self guided, Canada (East and West), Russia and the Caribbean, to name a few, still, I can’t see myself wanting to be based anywhere other than the West of Ireland. We are spoilt for options of species and water to fish in, and with over 20 years of experience in fishing the area I feel I can give a pretty good chance of excitement to visiting anglers.

It was always my dream as a kid to be a fishing guide, (actually mind you that’s not strictly true, I wanted to be an archaeologist for a few years before I got into fishing and I also discovered it was nothing like the Indiana Jones films). In 2017 I took an opportunity to manage a fishery and realise this dream. After 2 seasons said fishery and I parted ways and I became freelance, which I don’t see myself ever looking back from, without this allegiance it leaves me total freedom to take clients to wherever they have the best chance on any given day. Other than that all I can say is have a look at the gallery on this site, I believe it speaks for itself.

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