Lough Corrib full day

Lough Corrib is one of Ireland’s premier fisheries, offering a variety of species to target and methods to use as well as some stunning scenery. Trips are 7 hours, normally from 10am to 5pm, however in some circumstances we can alter start times. Prices from €100 per person

Options include:
– Fly-fishing for trout.
– Trolling/spin-fishing for trout and/or salmon
– Packed lunches and barbecues can be arranged.

Salmon river fishing

With numerous rivers to chose from in Galway and Mayo we can customise trips based on ability level and weather conditions to give clients the best opportunity possible. Requires a state salmon license, fishing is mainly with the fly however we can arrange spin fishing in some circumstances. Prices from €100 per person. Full and half days available.

Streamer specialist trips

Not for the faint of heart, streamer fishing on lakes involves pulling big flies and sunk lines, it can be slow fishing and hard work but the fish of a lifetime is only a cast away. Available to experienced fly-fishers only. Prices from €125 per person.

Fishing in Ireland can lead to some great fish, here is a Connemara sea trout.

Salmon and sea trout lake fishing

Experience salmon and sea trout fishing “lough-style” from a boat. This style of salmon fishing is unique to Ireland and some parts of the UK and should be experienced at least once by all salmon anglers. Trips are 7 hours, normally from 10am to 5pm, however in some circumstances we can alter start times. Prices from €125 per person, state license fees apply.

My springer spaniel and a wild trout for dinner.

Connemara trout

Connemara has nearly endless trout lakes to choose from, wether they are tiny mountain loughs or bigger lowland waters. Nearly all of them can be fished from the shore making this a great option for bigger groups. There is no license required, however some lakes require day-tickets. Available as both fly and lure fishing. Full days run from 10am to 5pm, half days are 4 hours with variable start times, prices from €60 per person.

Some Connemara coley and pollock.

Sea fishing

We have some great lure-fishing along the Connemara coastline, the tactics we use can provide great sport, mainly catching pollock, coley and mackerel, however we have caught the very occasional sea trout and bass using them too. I can also provide targeted sea trout coastal fishing on fly and lure within Galway bay. Trips are 5 hours only due to tidal limitations, starting at €60 per person.

Hard to beat fly-fishing for mullet.

Mullet fishing

Mullet are one of the hardest fighting and most underrated species in Irish waters. I targeted them using bread and floats for years, before switching over to the often frustrating habit of chasing them on the fly, however that frustration can be washed away in a split second as one watches a reel empty on a blistering run. Trips are available in Galway city and Connemara, are 5 hours only due to tidal limitations and can be fly or float fishing, starting at €60 per person.