Early season trolling on lough Corrib

I’ve been meaning to create a fishing report/blog page for a while and no better time than whilst I’m in the midst of procrastinating on preparations for the mayfly. I didn’t spend as much time on the Corrib as I’d have liked this spring, but there were some very memorable moments. here are a few of the highlights.

We got off to a flying start on opening day, before lunchtime we had caught and released this particularly stunning example of a ferox trout on plugs, bringing the first fish to my boat for the season in at 9.8lbs, well done to my friend Ian.

Ian with a 9.8lb Lough Corrib ferox trout.

Another very enjoyable day out with a friend was with Louis, Louis started off with a 5.5lb leopard of a fish, the markings were truly stunning. I followed up with a 4.5lber and 2 small fish we spared the photograph.

A leopard of a Corrib trout for Louis
A 4.5lb Corrib trout caught fishing in Cong

Oliver had his personal best trout and lost another on the big plugs with me, I even managed a couple that morning prior to the trip (one of the advantages of half day bookings).

I managed a personal best trout myself this spring, typically I was solo in the boat leading to not the best pictures, but I can live with that when the fish weighed 13.1lbs, once again taken on a day I had a half day booking, not long after dropping the clients off. A quick video and a horrific timer attempt and it swam off to live another day.

A terrible attempt at a timed photograph.

And last but not least my client Colm had been unlucky in my boat on 2 visits last season, the first he lost a salmon, the second the only take of the day when targeting trout. I like to think he was just saving himself for this season, his first day fishing this year we had a double hook up straight away, unfortunately losing both fish, not long after the despair was broken when he landed a rugby ball of a 2lber which was kept for the pan (all the big fish pictured are released before anyone complains) and not long after that he absolutely smashed his personal best trout with this 8lber, well done Colm, he declined the publicity so I am holding the fish.

A personal best Corrib trout for my client
a fine plump Corrib trout

All in all delighted with that for a start to the season, let’s hope the luck continues and that we have a good mayfly. Tight lines until next time.

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